Crystal boba vs. honey boba: what makes them different? Well, it’s two different bubble tea pearls with unique characteristics. 

The main difference between these bubble tea pearls is that crystal boba is harder than honey bubble tea. 

And, as you might expect, this makes them taste different. This guide will explore the differences and other perks you need to know. 

Let’s dive right in!

Crystal Boba vs. Honey Boba: Where Crystal Boba Comes From 

Crystal Boba is made with tapioca starch derived from the cassava root. 

This natural thickener is used across many food products, such as ice cream and pudding. 

Tapioca starch is gluten-free and has a high fiber content that can help you feel full longer!

Crystal Boba vs. Honey Boba: Honey boba Is Made Brown Sugar 

Honey boba is made with brown sugar, sometimes mixed with other ingredients like honey, fruit juice, and tapioca starch. 

Brown sugar is a kind of granulated sugar that’s been heated until it becomes brown. 

It’s not as sweet as brown or white sugar. 

Instead, it has a distinct caramel flavor that lends itself well to baking.

Honey Pearls Are Sometimes Called Honey Boba, But They’re Not The Same.

Honey pearls can come in different colors and flavors, but they’re all the same thing. They’re made of brown sugar, water, and tapioca flour. 

Honey bubble tea is chewier than crystal boba. So it’s better for making desserts where you want something chunky (think chocolate lava cake or cheesecake). 

Honey boba is also more natural than crystal boba because the grains are bigger and less round.

That said, you can use either type of boba as a topping on a dessert.

 Remember that honey pearls will add a bit more of an earthy flavor if you’re using them instead of crystal.

Honey Boba Vs. Crystal Boba: Crystal boba Is A Newer Beverage 

The newer and more popular beverage, crystal boba, was first introduced in the US during the late 2000s. 

It’s made with tapioca starch and water and looks like small, clear beads. 

Honey boba is also a newer beverage, but it’s made with barley malt syrup.

Honey boba Is Chewier Than Crystal Boba.

Honey boba is chewier than crystal boba. And that’s because it uses a mixture of brown sugar and tapioca starch to create a chewy texture. 

But crystal boba only uses tapioca starch as its main ingredient. 

Honey bubble tea also tends to be chewier than crystal because it doesn’t have as smooth a texture. 

You can see bits of brown sugar in the boba when you eat them.

So if you like your bubble tea on the more chewy side, honey bubble tea is definitely for you!

Honey Boba Vs. Crystal Boba: You Can Flavor Crystal Boba With Fruit Juice

Crystal boba is also often flavored with fruit juice or other flavorings. 

Crystal boba can be made in various flavors, including strawberry, mango, grape, lime, and lemon.

You can even buy flavored crystal boba online if you don’t live near an Asian grocery store!

There are also many different ways to color your crystal bubble tea. 

You can use food coloring to add color to clear boba tea if you want.

Honey Boba Has More Natural Coloring Than Crystal Boba 

Honey boba is naturally brown, while crystal boba is white. Honey boba also comes in various shades of pink, yellow and purple. 

On the other hand, Crystal boba can be found in black or white.

Crystal Boba vs. Honey Boba: Both Come In Black And White Varieties 

Both bubble tea pearls come in black and white varieties. But only honey boba comes in brown, pink, and yellow. 

Honey boba pearls are made from brown sugar. But crystal boba is made from tapioca starch cooked down to a thick syrup with sugar. 

The color difference is due to the varying ratios of ingredients used in each recipe. For example, honey boba relies on more sugar than crystal bubble tea.

Both types of bubble tea pearls have similar textures when consumed. 

However, one noticeable difference is their size: honey boba tends to be slightly larger than crystals.

Honey Pearl Balls Are Often Used In Desserts 

Crystal boba balls are typically used in drinks, while honey boba is often used in desserts. 

The main difference between these two types of tapioca pearls is the texture. 

Crystal boba contains a hard outer shell that breaks into small pieces when chewed. But honey boba has a soft exterior and is sweet like pancake syrup. 

The easiest way to tell if you’re eating crystal or honey boba is through taste. If it’s soft and slippery, you’ve got yourself some sweet little balls of joy!

Crystal Boba vs. Honey Boba: Which Is Better?

In short, the answer is: that they’re both delicious. Both types of pearls are acquired tastes. Even if you’re not sure you like one right away, feel free to try them both! 

If you don’t like crystal bubble tea, we recommend giving honey boba a shot. 

Likewise, if honey boba isn’t for you, why not try mixing the two in your next bubble tea order? 

It’s a great way to add something new while maintaining familiarity with what works best for your tastebuds.


So crystal boba vs. honey boba: which is better? But if you ask us, we prefer honey boba. 

It has a more natural flavor and color and is chewier than crystal ball boba. 

If you’re looking for something more natural than artificial flavors, then honey boba might be just what you’re looking for.

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